Are you five or six months out from your wedding?

While you’re addressing invitations and picking out bridesmaids dresses, take some time to work on your beauty regimen. Making an investment now will pay dividends on your wedding day.

Now is the time to start working on your skin so that on your wedding day, when you have your picture taken, your skin will be glowing. Flawless makeup starts with a radiant complexion. Even a relatively good complexion can benefit from six months of proper skincare, stress-relief, good nutrition, and plenty of water-drinking.

First, start a good cleansing program. You should be using a multi-step system both morning and night including:

  • a cleanser
  • a toner
  • an intensive renewal serum to break down and remove your dead skin cells
  • a nourishing eye cream
  • a moisturiser with SPF15
  • a good night cream
  • a neck cream for your decolletage

At Finesse Makeup we recommend Arbonne, a highly regarded, ultra-premium brand of Swiss Skincare, Cosmetics and Wellness products. The products are healthy, botanically based, inspired by nature and enhanced by science. Vegan Certified, there are no nasty chemicals and the Swiss herbs are all certified organic.

So as well as offering a complete Cairns mobile wedding hair and makeup styling service from Mission Beach to Port Douglas and the Atherton Tablelands, we can also assist with all your skincare needs.

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