Liquid..Pencil..Cream..Gel or Powder Eyeliner?

MAC fluidline creamy eyeliner black

Eyeliner has come a long way since the days when the only option was often a very hard and scratchy pencil which no matter how hard you tried just didn’t want to draw a nice smooth line. Let’s face it, eyeliner is enough of a challenge to master let alone when you are dealing with […]

Why do I look white in photos?

casper the ghost

If you are having your makeup done for a photoshoot or any occasion where you will appear in photographs then you need to carefully consider the products either you or your makeup artist are putting on your face. Why? Because not all products are created equal. Have you found that no matter how well you […]

Tropical Wedding Makeup Tips

fluffy professional makeup powder brush cairns wedding makeup artist brush of choice

It can be hot and humid in the tropics so how do you keep your makeup on in these trying conditions? You always want to look your best but especially if you are getting married, you really want to be sure your wedding makeup is going to last. As a former Channel 9 News Reporter, […]

To look right or white?

Portfolio makeup for a photoshoot, real estate agent profile pictures, commercial photoshoot makeup, professional makeup artist for commercial photoshoot

If you are having photos taken then make sure you book a professional makeup artist to do your makeup. Leah Hall chose Finesse Makeup for her head-shots and here’s the result… Products are the most important consideration when applying makeup. Have you found that no matter how well you apply your foundation it makes you […]

The BEST product ever!

incredible coverage, minimal effort, flawless finish, light as a feather, Arbonne primer, Arbonne skin perfecting liquid foundation, SPF15, waterproof, Swiss cosmetics, long lasting, vegan certified, botanically based, natural

I can tell you that Arbonne’s Swiss formulated cosmetics are hands down better than any other product on the market and better for you because of their botanically based ingredients. I can tell you that the perfecting liquid foundation with SPF 15 is waterproof, sweat proof and smudge proof. I can tell you that a […]

Want to know our secret?

Arbonne Swiss organic skincare, chemical free, anti-ageing, makeup, waterproof foundation, natural, sun protection, flawless finish, glowing healthy skin, botanical

Let me introduce you to a brand which I discovered two years ago and have been using ever since because I absolutely love the products. The company is called Arbonne and they make ultra-premium Swiss skincare, haircare and cosmetics. The products are all completely botanically based and vegan certified. They don’t contain any of the […]

Tropical Wedding Makeup Tips

For maximum staying power and a flawless makeup finish

The Tropics can be hot and humid so how do you keep your makeup on? Whether you are a wedding guest or the bride herself, we all want our makeup to look fresh and flawless. As a professional Cairns wedding makeup artist I’d like to share some of my tips. Hot Tip Number One… Use […]

Controlling breakouts before a big event

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Drink plenty of water Get loads of rest Avoid fatty and sugary foods If you do have a breakout: Don’t use anything oily on your skin like an oil based moisturiser Try Benzoyl Peroxide, Retinols, AHA, BHA and Stieva-A Cream Drown the blemish in whitening or red-reducing eye drops After extracting a whitehead, immediately apply […]