Tropical Wedding Makeup Tips

The Tropics can be hot and humid so how do you keep your makeup on?

Whether you are a wedding guest or the bride herself, we all want our makeup to look fresh and flawless.

As a professional Cairns wedding makeup artist I’d like to share some of my tips.

Use a Primer

Hot Tip Number One…


What’s a primer? It’s a silicon based gel which you apply on top of your moisturiser and sunscreen but only once both are dry. The primer provides a barrier between the natural oils of your skin and your foundation, giving the foundation something stable to stick to. As well as adding to the life of your foundation, a primer will even out the surface of your skin by filling any gaps. Think of it a bit like spac-filler. Apply the primer with your finger tips just as you would a liquid foundation. You only need an amount about the size of a ten cent piece and really focus the product on the areas of your face where oil and perspiration tend to build.

I use the Arbonne Primer.

For maximum staying power and a flawless makeup finish use a primer

It’s botanically based and doesn’t contain any nasty chemicals so it’s very kind to your skin. You can order it online at – Arbonne – or if you want a discount, “like” the Finesse Makeup – Cairns Mobile Makeup Artist Facebook page and I’ll order one for you.

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