Rochelle and Hamish – Palm Cove Wedding

Originally from Kuranda but now living in Torquay, Victoria, Rochelle and her beau Hamish chose a destination wedding at Palm Cove.

The couple wanted a really soft natural beachy wedding makeup look but as we all awoke on the wedding day the weather looked like it was really going to rain on this parade.

As I drove out to Palm Cove it was bucketing down and the sky was a dismal shade of grey with no break in sight.

Arriving at Reef House Palm Cove there was no sight of the bridal party either…

The ladies had planned to do their own hair but the rain put paid to that idea and it was a last minute mad dash to the nearest hair salon.

One by one they arrived back at the hotel and I got to work. Within a few hours the mood had changed from panic stations to celebrations – the clouds broke and disappeared, the rain dried up leaving nothing but brilliant blue skies and sunshine. Our bride and groom were going to have a beach wedding after all!

This story wouldn’t be complete without a huge hats off to Rochelle’s mum who saved the day. Our chilled out bride had decided she didn’t want flowers at her wedding but at the last minute the bridesmaids felt they would be more comfortable with something to hold as they walked down the aisle. Off went mum to every florist in town but nobody was able to help at such short notice. Where else can you buy flowers? Coles of course! For the princely sum of $1 Rochelle’s super mum secured more than two dozen roses, throw in some orchids and a mix of florals, rush them back to the hotel room, set up a makeshift florist in the kitchen and boom! You have stunning home made bouquets at a bargain price.

Sam from Cairns Beaches Photography spent the afternoon with the happy couple and got some great photos as mother nature really turned it on with a golden sunset.


They say rain is good luck on your wedding day and with the way the weather turned out for them, Rochelle and Hamish were certainly lucky!

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