Mel and Greg – Green Island Wedding Romance

When describing Melanie and Greg’s Green Island Resort wedding many words spring to mind… fun, romance, seclusion, private, intimate, sunset, sand, coral, love, azure water and flippers…flippers?..yes flippers, as you will see in the photos which follow.

We caught the ferry to Green Island on the morning of the wedding and had the pleasure of doing makeup and hair for both mums, family members on both sides and then the bride Mel.

It was a perfect day working with Mefoto, Threadless Films and Civil Celebrant Sarah Woods… and a huge thanks to Jaypee from Mefoto for sending us these photos because we always miss out on seeing the actual wedding ceremony.

We thought there would be tears…and there were…but with tear-proof foundation there was absolutely nothing to worry about.

We provide in-room wedding makeup and hair Green Island Resort for the entire bridal party and wedding guests.

Finesse Makeup and Hair offer resort room service for the entire bridal party and wedding guests on all of the islands off the Far North Queensland coast so if you are planning an intimate island wedding contact us today for an obligation free quote.