Renee and Chey’s Wedding – The Elandra Mission Beach

I had the most incredible makeup artist for my wedding – Abigail Stanbridge from Finesse Makeup, who also happens to be a dear friend of mine! Abbie achieved that fine balance between making my wedding makeup look natural while adding a touch of drama for the special occasion.

When my girlfriend (and “the face” of Finesse Makeup), Renee, asked if I would do makeup for one of the most important days of her life I was both honored and terrified.

I’ve done Renee’s makeup countless times for various occasions over the years and she was one of my models when I first started out in the industry so it wasn’t doing her makeup that I found daunting, it was whether I could outdo the other occasions and deliver something really special for her big day.

It was with great relief that a few months out from the wedding when Renee and I were again discussing her makeup (and I was trying to think of brilliant ways to excuse myself from the duty) that she said she would rather I just enjoy being a guest at a wedding and not have to work. She would find someone else and just like that I was off the hook!

As fate would have it, Renee and Chey’s wedding was on a Friday night and I had a wedding booked the following Saturday morning so rather than calling home in between, I decided to pack my makeup kit in the car and set off for Mission Beach.

Several hours later as I was relaxing by the pool and seriously contemplating a swim, my phone rang.

Guess who. Renee. And not sounding like the carefree happy friend I know and love. Uh oh. Something was wrong.

Perhaps you guessed it? The makeup side of things had turned pear shaped. The stylist Renee had booked was attempting to do eight hair AND makeup almost single handedly and was running well behind and out of time.

All thoughts of swimming aside, I said “hold on, I’ve got my makeup kit with me, I’ll be there in five”.

An hour later, things were back under control. The bridesmaids makeup was done and I was starting on Renee. Such a familiar and gorgeous face, the pressure I had been feeling for months leading up to this day vanished and I knew I could pull out all the stops and make it truly special.

Mefoto were the official photographers and Renee and Chey were married at The Elandra Mission Beach, followed by a stunning outdoor ceremony beside the pool.

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